USCG Warning Ė Personally Identifiable Information in email

The CG National Retiree Help Desk has received email containing Personally Identifiable Information (PII), and cautions retirees not to include such information in messages to the Help Desk, unless sent by encrypted, password-protected attachment.




This is good advice when sending email to ANY address -- and to anyone else.  Public e-mail is subject to compromise.  This can result in credit fraud, identity theft, and other fraud and abuse.


Hereís a list of information the USCG suggests you avoid when sending email:


IF STAND-ALONE:                                    IF PAIRED WITH ANOTHER IDENTIFIER:

- Social Security Number                         - Citizenship or Immigration Status

- Driverís License or State ID #                - Medical Information (e.g. VA Disability Rating %)

- Passport Number                                    - Ethnic or Religious Affiliation

- Alien Registration Number                     - Sexual Orientation

- Financial Account Number                    - Account Passwords

- Biometric Identifiers                               - Last 4 Digits of SSN

- EMPLID                                                    - Date of Birth

                                                                    - Criminal History

                                                                    - Motherís Maiden Name