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I use both VA and Tri-care for Life services and had a hard time figuring out how to get Express Scripts to accept VA prescriptions. Once I found out, I thought it might be a good idea to share that information.  Below is a short article which you may edit and hopefully put in the Retiree Newsletter so other may learn.


If you are retired and use Tricare for Life’s Express Scripts, and also use VA medical services, you may find that the VA will charge you a Copay for medicine. Under Tricare for Life you are entitled to free medicine. It was difficult to find out how to get VA prescriptions to Express Scripts but after 11 phone calls I got the answer.


On the Internet, go to:




Express scripts New Prescription form will pop up. You should fill in sections #2 and #3 so the doctor won’t have to do it. Since the form will not let you do it on line there are two ways to do this.


Print it out, fill in the information I sections #2 and #3 by hand, then scan it back into your computer so you will have it for future use.


The second way is more difficult but gives you a type written result.  I printed it to pdf and then imported the pdf version into Adobe Acrobat and using the Adobe icon to input text, filled in sections #2 and #3. Then save it where you can find it later, and print it out each time you go to the VA or a private physician. Give it to the doc to complete sections #1 and #4 then he/she will fax it from the medical office to the fax number in section #5.  Section #5 requires it to be faxed from the medical office.

                Courtesy  of CAPT Kirk Greiner, USCG (Ret.)