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30 NOV 2017 - Courtesy of Marc Fagenbaum:
It's that time of year to turn in your CGMA SEG book receipts before the Calendar year 2017 comes to a close.

The last day representatives will be able to issue SEG checks in the CMP system is Friday, 12/29/2017.  Any checks issued after this date will be counted toward the 2018 calendar year.

The Supplemental Education Grant is open to all clients and their dependents who are obtaining a degree.  The limit is $500 per client, per student.  If there's more than one eligible students in the family but only one eligible client, the $500 can be divided between them any way the client wishes.  Receipts for education expenses incurred within 12 months qualify for SEG.

All eligible CGMA clients not on the Restricted list that meet the education requirements are qualified to receive the SEG.  This includes Active Duty, Civilian employees of the CG, Reservists, Retired members of the CG, and Auxiliarists.

You can find a list of CGMA Representatives at

Marc M. Fagenbaum
Educational Services Officer, Mutual
Assistance Representative and Volunteer Coordinator
(305) 535-4592